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Fuel prices should be the number one concern for owner operators. Here are some fuel surcharge facts you may not know:

Fuel Surcharge Facts

1.In today’s fuel environment you must get a consistent, healthy fuel surcharge or YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS.
2.Fuel surcharge is not controlled or monitored by the government. Each carrier is free to set its own fuel surcharge standards and practices.
3.Agent-based and broker-based carriers will NOT give you a consistent formal fuel surcharge (refer to item 1).
4.Many carriers reduce their fuel surcharge in order to protect the linehaul rate (refer to item 1).
5.Daily Express invented the first formal fuel surcharge program to increase the fuel surcharge for its owner operators for overweight loads.
6.Daily Express predicted the fuel crises in 2008 and invented the Empty-Mile fuel surcharge concept to protect its owner operators.
7.Heavy, overweight loads use more fuel but most carriers are still giving their owner operators the same fuel surcharge rate that they give for
light-weight loads (refer to item 1 and 6).
8.In a high-fuel-cost environment deadhead miles and inefficiency kill your profitability (refer to items 1 & 7).
9.See item 1!

6 things you need to know about Fuel Surcharge at Daily Express

1.We have a structured formal fuel payment that is guaranteed on every load.
2.Fuel payment is ALWAYS 100% to the truck.
3.We do not rob from the linehaul rate to pay your fuel surcharge.
4.Your fuel payment will INCREASE with the cost of fuel.
5.Your fuel payment will INCREASE with the weight of your load.
6.You will get an extra EMPTY MILE fuel payment add-on when fuel prices exceed $2.75/gallon.

No matter what happens to fuel prices, you will be protected by Daily Express!

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