Contractor Pay

CONTRACTOR TRAILER: 68% of Gross Shareable Revenue: Linehaul, Oversize Charges, Stop offs, Tarp Charges, others.


Fleet Average: Call 800.669.6414 Our experienced Recruiters can provide you with current fleet averages for Contractors in your area.

Fuel Surcharge: Always passed on 100% to the Contractor! Daily Express provides a Premium Fuel Surcharge that actually INCREASES with the weight of your load!

Empty Mile Fuel Surcharge: Daily Express originated the Empty Mile Fuel Surcharge to protect you when fuel prices climb over $2.75/ gallon. Call 800.669.6414 for current FSC rates.

Today's Fuel Surcharge Your Surcharge + Empty Mile Surcharge
Minimum 0.33 0.002083
Loads 50,000 - 69,999lbs. 0.495 0.002083*
Loads 70,000 - 89,999lbs. 0.5775 0.006249*
Loads over 90,000lbs. or 9-axles 0.66 0.006249*
Loads 13-axles 0.99 0.013018*

* indicates estimate

Advances: Take up to 50% of truck pay on all loads.

Settlements: Direct deposit 5 days a week with NO hold back.

Referral Bonus: $1,000 per successful referral.

Runners Award Bonus: Your Coordinator can help you increase earnings with our popular Runners Award Program by helping you more efficiently and running extra loaded miles.

Safety Bonus: Earn an extra bonus for running safely!